Stuck Just Shy of Surrender

Art by Jeanie Tomanek, click image to visit her on Etsy

Art by Jeanie Tomanek, click image to visit her on Etsy

The other day a woman left a comment here on Brave Girl about being stuck in her addiction. She wrote, You girls are all talking about breakthroughs and hope and peace. I want that too. But, I’m trapped in this web of booze and lies…and I can’t seem to get out. You say surrender. Yeah? How?

I can’t tell you how many times I wondered the same thing during my twelve-year battle with alcohol. It made absolutely no sense to me that I could choose to surrender, desperately wanted to surrender, but simply couldn’t pull it off. At least not all of me…

[Today I'm guest posting over at the Brave Girl Community. I hope you'll click here to follow me and continue reading.]

P.S. Here’s another post that relates strongly to this one and might help add to the confusion around surrender. :)




  1. I am absolutely fighting surrender. I listen to the people who are recovering and they do look happier. Mine is not a battle with a substance, but surrendering to God. I have been brought to the line a million times and sometimes walk away wistfully, other times stomp my foot, lately even worse. My family, health, soul are on the line now…

  2. ThereIsASolution says:

    To expel the obsession to drink. It is explained in the Forword of AA’s Twelve and Twelve.

  3. Rebecca W says:

    So glad you are posting again. Pacing? :)
    Your posts help so many!

  4. Hello Heather! I have made the move to a self hosted website for Katherine’s Daughter. Sadly, it does not look like WordPress transferred my blogger friends (so you cannot see my posts via your Reader). I would love to have you as a subscriber to my blog via email. Just type your email address into the subscription bar on the home page if you wish to stay in touch.
    Thankfully, I can still follow you!
    xo Joanne

  5. I went and read your guest post. As always, you seem to “get” my situation better than most. I think it is because we both came into this as Christians and I didn’t need to convince myself of God’s power or the power of prayer. But dang it ….I am ready to be free of the mind battle! I want the breakthrough, the miracle….I want my prayer answered. I am doing all the stuff…meetings, readings, praying and still I constantly fight the mind battle. I do not want to do this the rest of my life.

    • Thanks for this. Oh yes, the mental obsession. The romancing the drink. The little thoughts that want to take you for a ride but only promise misery. Honestly, I think the mind part is a learned skill? I guess what I mean is I had to be super intentional about being conscious of my own thoughts and redirecting my attention versus feeling like I had to think whatever my mind suggested. Does that make sense? I have this little thing I do if I notice I’m going there and I just say to myself “Cancel.” And I refuse to take that train. But I know I’m making it sound easier than it is. I’m sorry you are dealing with this. So glad that you’re doing the meetings, etc. Bravo for you. So nice to know you’re still reading, friend. H

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